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    Welome to this Soca Dance tutorial!

    • Before we begin...

    • Getting ready for class

    • Your song for this course

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    • Your routine for this course!

    • Section 1 - Intro

    • Section 2 - Intro with music

    • Section 3 - Hold Yuh

    • Section 4 - From the top with music!

    • Section 5 - Shake Yuh

    • Section 6 - Walk through to music

    • End to End with music

    • Section 7 - Thank you from Turbo

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    Next Steps..

    • Cameras ready! Student evaluation

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Head dancer and choreographer

Shaakir ‘Turbo’ Griffith

Shaakir ‘Turbo’ Griffith is a freestyle dancer, choreographer and teacher. He started dancing at the age of 18 and since then has been a part of productions in different genres such as Soca, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Ballet, Folk Afro fusion and Latin, to name a few. With a strong influence from his background in music and martial arts he comes with his own special twist added to the foundations of any style of dance. This makes Shaakir one of the most sought out dancer/ choreographer in Trinidad. Turbo is currently the lead dancer and choreographer for Machel Montano and has been on tour with the band for 6 years where he has met and performed alongside some of the worlds top entertainers such as Rihanna , Drake , Busta Rhymes, Boyz to Men just to name a few. He is currently the Founder and Co-owner of Zerolimits Plus Ent company and dance crew where he mentors and shares his knowledge with young and upcoming dancers.


  • How long are the classes?

    Most of the Soca fitness classes range from 30-40min. Choreographed routine class videos are approx 45min in total. All classes are broken up into sections and you can even keep track of where you left off!

  • How long can I access my class for?

    If you purchase a one off session, you will have access for a period of 2 weeks. If you purchase a subscription, you will have access to your subscription content for the duration of your subscription.

  • Do I need to know how to dance or be fit already?

    You don't already have to be fit join soca dance fitness or choreographed routine courses. These will help you get fitter! The soca dance routine courses are generally open level. Some basic dance experience is beneficial. If you have never danced we recommend you join the soca dance fitness classes first and build up towards the choreographed classes.

  • I bought a subscription, can I easily cancel it and go back to buying single classes? When will billing stop?

    Subscriptions can be easily cancelled from your account page. Billing will stop at the end of your next billing period. Billing periods are based on your purchase start and enrollment date.

  • Can I reproduce material from the site?

    As per our standard terms and conditions you may not reproduce content from this site without written approval. Students are given exemption in the following circumstance - Sharing their outcomes and learning, e.g. a video of themselves performing a choreographed routine, provided that the class instructor is credited.

  • Can I get a refund for change of mind or if I haven't used my subscription?

    No refunds are permitted on single courses or subscriptions. If you are not able to utilise your subscription, we recommend you cancel it asap or contact us to request a temporary hold for 6 to 12 weeks.

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