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Join us for a range of fun online Soca dance and fitness classes that can be taken anywhere,at anytime! Explore instructors teaching soca worldwide. Single classes (14 day access) and subscriptions available

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Long Live Soca - with La Shaun Prescott and Jamie T

Beginners friendly

Wining basics with Luna

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SOKASWEAT with Tania Paris

Latest Soca Choreography

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Luna - All of It - by Patrice Roberts


Free It Up Dance

Jamie T

Soca fitness and dance school based in Sydney, Australia
Free It Up Dance Logo

La Shaun Prescott

Dance instructor, choreographer, performer, Trinidad and Tobago

Luna / Winin School

Winin School

Dance instructor, choreographer, performer, Trinidad and Tobago
Luna / Wining School


Tania Paris

Dance instructor, choreographer, performer, Montreal, Canada
Tania Paris - Sokasweat

Shaakir Griffith

Zerolimits Plus Entertainment

Dance instructor, choreographer, performer, Trinidad and Tobago
Shaakir Griffiths
  • Soca fitness classes suitable to all levels

  • Easy to follow class structure for a great learning experience

  • Individual classes or monthly subscriptions to all content available

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  • Online Soca dance tutorials

  • Experienced professional dance instructors

  • Clear breakdown of moves and repetition with music

  • Keep track of your progress and resume / replay classes

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Why join?

  • Certified

    Soca fitness and dance classes are run by certified and experienced fitness and dance professionals

  • Committed

    We are 100% committed to providing you with a great learning experience.

  • It's all about sharing

    Soca music and dance is the heartbeat of Caribbean style carnivals around the world. We are committed to sharing and spreading this uplifting, vibrant music and dance culture.


  • Do I have to be fit or know how to dance to join?

    The purpose of the soca dance fitness classes is to help you get fit while having fun and learning about Caribbean Carnival music and dance - So no, you don't have to be fit join. The soca dance routine courses are mostly open level. Some basic dance experience is beneficial. If you have never danced we recommend you join the soca dance fitness classes first and build up towards the choreographed classes.

  • What options do I have for accessing classes?

    We offer individual classes or monthly subscription packages.

  • How long can I access my class for?

    If you purchase a one off session, you will have access for a period of 2 weeks. If you purchase a subscription, you will have access to your subscription content for the duration of your subscription.

  • Can I easily cancel my subscription? When will billing stop?

    Subscriptions can be easily cancelled from your account page. Billing will stop at the end of your next billing period. Billing periods are based on your purchase start and enrollment date.

  • Can I get a refund for change of mind or if I haven't used my subscription?

    No refunds are permitted. If you are not able to utilise your subscription, we recommend you cancel it asap or contact us to request a temporary hold for 6 to 12 weeks.

  • What options do I have for payment?

    This site accepts credit cards from around the world using secure technologies.

  • What currency is used?

    All classes and session prices are listed in USD. Conversion rates will depend on your card issuer's rate at the time of payment.